How to Create a Jewelry Capsule Collection

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If you use a capsule wardrobe for your clothes, you know how easy it is to put together an outfit and maximize your closet space. The same concept can be applied to your jewelry collection. By selecting classic, versatile jewelry pieces, you’ll be able to easily accessorize your outfit on the daily.

Jewelry is personal. We all have our own tastes and reasons for wearing jewelry. Some of us like pieces with subtle sparkle, and others prefer larger pieces that make a statement. We might wear jewelry to remind us of our loved ones. It could be your grandmother’s watch, a wedding ring or a pendant necklace from a loved one. These tips will help you curate a collection of timeless pieces that will compliment your own style and sentimental items.

Creating a jewelry capsule requires careful editing. If you aren’t selective with your jewelry pieces, you likely won’t find joy in wearing them. Depending on your budget and current jewelry collection, it could take some time to grow your collection. Take pleasure in the pieces you already own and avoid impulse purchases that won’t serve your curated capsule.

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Choose a Metal

Before deciding on the pieces, choose your favorite metal to wear: gold, silver, rose gold, white gold, etc. Gold jewelry is very popular at the moment, but it might not be the right metal for you. If you plan to splurge on your jewelry capsule, it could be a good investment to work with a style consultant to find the colors that look best on you. I used to wear warm gold jewelry, but I found that white gold suited my pale skin much better after doing a color analysis.

Ultimately, your jewelry collection should include pieces that you enjoy wearing. If silver is your favorite metal, but gold suits you better, choose the silver pieces that will make you feel your best. The confidence that you exude from wearing your favorite pieces will shine more than the actual jewelry anyways.


To start building your collection, consider which earrings you like to wear. I avoid chunky studs, pearls, and colorful statement earrings since they feel outdated to me. Instead I opt for a few pieces that are versatile and timeless.

  • Statement earrings. A pair of statement earrings are perfect for formal occasions and evenings out when you want to add some extra glitz your look. I avoid wearing bold earrings day-to-day, but you could choose a pair that suit your everyday wardrobe.

  • Simple hoops. My go-to pair of earrings are minimal gold hoops. They go with almost any outfit and add a feminine touch to your look. I prefer a medium-sized pair that aren’t too thick (otherwise they become statement earrings), but it’s also helpful to have a range of sizes. My current collection of hoops include a basic gold pair, a slightly smaller pair and a medium-sized pair with diamond details.

  • Small diamond studs. These are perfect for occasions when you want to look put together without wearing too much jewelry. A pair of small diamond studs are more subtle than simple hoops, so I normally wear them when I’m exercising, lounging at home or just want to wear a comfortable pair of earrings.


A simple necklace can easily elevate your outfit. I’m always wearing a thin chain or a small pendant necklace. Choose the length of your necklaces based on your personal preferences. Although long necklaces can help elongate your body, I always opt for shorter versions that fall around my collar bone.

  • Chain necklace. A timeless chain necklace will help you build up your look. You can wear it on its own or layer it with extra necklaces. Choose a thicker chain for a bolder statement or opt for one with smaller links for a subtle look.

  • Small pendant necklace. Upgrade your chain necklace with a pendant. It’s perfect to wear with tops with lower necklines and adds some interest without being flashy. Pendant necklaces can also be personalized — you can find ones with your initial, zodiac sign or meaningful icon.


When deciding on the appropriate bracelets for your collection, consider ones that will easily layer together. A larger cuff bracelet is a great starting point, then you can add on some smaller bracelets. A well-curated stack of bracelets will add some interest to your arm.

  • Cuff bracelet. A classic cuff is a must-have bracelet to add to your capsule. I opt for one that isn’t too large in order to keep my look subtle and sophisticated. If you choose a bigger cuff bracelet, avoid layering with too many other bracelets.

  • Dainty bracelets. These are perfect for layering or wearing on their own. A few small bracelets are a great addition for some subtle shine. My own capsule includes a basic chain bracelet, a bracelet with two small diamonds, and a bracelet with a small lock charm.


Although it’s more likely worn as a stylish accessory than to actually check the time, a watch is a classic piece that will make you look instantly more sophisticated. When building your jewelry capsule, avoid watches that are too large or flashy and choose ones that compliment your wrist size.

  • Small wristwatch. A dainty wristwatch is a lovely option to add to your collection. You can wear it on its own or layer it with bracelets. I prefer a watch with a metal band, but leather is also a chic option.


Add the final touch to your jewelry capsule with a selection of rings. You might have a wedding ring or an heirloom ring that you already wear, but the following staples can pair nicely with them.

  • Cocktail ring. Make a statement with a bold cocktail ring. It’s a classic way to add some sparkle to your look. Choose a chunky ring in your favorite metal or one with your preferred stone. To avoid overdoing your look, pair this type of ring with more subtle jewelry that you’ve already seen in this post.

  • Stackable gold rings. Similar to bracelets and necklaces, it’s useful to have some smaller, classic rings to stack and wear with other pieces. I prefer a finer ring that isn’t too chunky, but a range of sizes and styles is ideal for stacking. If you can only choose one, I’d recommend a timeless gold band. It will look chic with almost anything.


Now that you’ve curated your jewelry capsule, you’ll need the right storage to keep it organized. Avoid keeping your jewelry hidden in bags or small boxes where you won’t be able to see it easily. Instead opt for a jewelry box that will help you arrange your jewelry in one place and easily select which pieces you want to wear.

You can organize your items by type, but I prefer to group statement pieces and everyday essentials in different areas. I keep my cocktail rings, statement earrings and cuff bracelets in one section, and my gold hoops, dainty bracelets, watch, and necklaces in another section.

What are your jewelry essentials? Let me know in the comments below.


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