Minimalist Summer Capsule Wardrobe 2021

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Linen-blend Jacket / Vest Top / White T-Shirt / Cardigan

Linen Shirt / Neutral Tank (similar here) / Black Tank (similar here) / Linen Shorts

Rib-knit Dress / Wrap Dress / Cotton Dress / Denim Shorts

Jeans / Ecru Pants / Slip Skirt / Swimsuit

Belt / Sunglasses / Pleated Bag / Basket Bag

Earrings / Chunky Sandals / Flat Sandals / Heel Sandals

Last week I posted my French-girl capsule wardrobe. While I’m obsessed with the feminine, effortless style, I also love more minimalist, classic looks, so I’m sharing a second capsule wardrobe that I’ll be wearing this summer. High-quality basics, neutral colors and classic cuts are featured in this wardrobe. It’s the ideal style for any of us who constantly say they have nothing to wear. The outfit options with this capsule are truly endless. If you’re looking for more tips to build your minimalist wardrobe, check out my post The Best Brands for Building a Capsule Wardrobe.


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Color Palette

Neutrals, white and black are the key colors in this capsule wardrobe. Black is always a staple color in my closet because it works with almost any other color. If black isn’t your favorite color, dark brown and navy blue can easily be swapped for the black pieces. I’ve also included some white and ecru items to lighten up the color palette and make this wardrobe more summer-friendly. Beige and light brown add more interest to the color palette while still being versatile. If you like more color variety in your closet, light blue and sage green are two classic colors that work well with this wardrobe.


Capsule Pieces

6 Tops

I chose 6 tops including a black vest top, a white t-shirt, a knit cardigan, a linen shirt, a neutral ribbed tank, and a black tank. You could also add a few blouses for work, evenings out, etc., but I typically wear more casual tops.

5 Bottoms

For bottoms I selected blue jeans, ecru pants, a black slip skirt, black linen shorts, and denim shorts. You can easily swap in other pieces depending on your preferences. For example, replace the denim shorts for a denim skirt or add a pair of white or ecru jeans in place of the pants.

1 Outerwear Piece

I chose just one outwear piece: a lightweight linen jacket. It’s perfect for cooler evenings when you need a little extra warmth. A trench coat or leather jacket would also work great with this capsule wardrobe.

3 Dresses

For dresses I chose three classic styles: a black rib-knit dress, a linen wrap dress and a white cotton dress. If long or short dresses aren’t your style, swap in different dress lengths based on your preferences. You could also add a slip dress or a shirt dress.

3 Pairs of Shoes

For shoes I chose chunky sandals, black leather sandals, and heel sandals. If you need more functional footwear, you could also add in a pair of white sneakers or thongs.

1 Swimsuit

I chose a classic black one-piece for the swimsuit. You could also add a white strappy bikini like this one or a more colorful option.


For accessories I chose gold hoop earrings, black sunglasses and a black belt. Add your favorite jewelry to this capsule (I also love gold pendant necklaces and dainty rings). Sun protection is so important during the summer months, so don’t forget to include sun protective accessories in your wardrobe. For bags I selected a basket bag that is perfect for the daytime and small leather handbag for evenings out.

Outfit Ideas


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